Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Phace - Phlozart (Digital LP, CD)

    Phace recently released a monster into the hip hop world, Phlozart, which crashed into the NJ Hip Hop scene like super storm Sandy hit the coastline. This already established artist seems to just be sharpening his blades with this longer than average masterpiece. Phlozart highlights Phace's beyond capable skill and talent at painting the spectrum of a full and complete hip hop album. Phace packs in heavy bang out anthems and colorful collabs sandwiched around a handful of heavily conscious heart felt emotionally enthralling tracks. Each individual track having something unique about it and maintaining an overall gutter rugged strength which builds Phlozart up to be one of the most premiere releases thus far this year.
    Ironically, for me, whether I knew the collaborating artists or not I felt at home listening to Phlozart.  With a style born and bread in the 90's golden era of underground relevant hip hop, Phace impresses his street credibility and lyrical talent song after speaker bumping song. Keeping it real with the sound quality and production value on Phlozart may possibly be an attribute that I am better tuned for than most of you, but, I assume if you are reading this you are a solider of the same struggle. Furthermore, I would love to sit here and critique or nit-pick apart Pholzart but I've been through it a half dozen times and can't find anything to contest.
    Unfortunately/Luckily, this was my introduction to Phace as an artist in any significant manor, I had only heard a few collab tracks he was featured on and whatever came up on my sound cloud stream prior to downloading the album off his website. Rest assured that reverse research will be done and a better judgement of progression will be made, as for now, let us leave it at this:  Pholzart, as depicted by it's title, is a work of art, a masterpiece in an era flooded with mostly weaker mass appeal records. Phace comes hard as concrete with street anthems and proves his value up and down the track list.

Classification: Hood Hop, Street Rap, Grimey Lyrical, Underground Hip Hop
Recommendation: go to website immediately and strive to achieve what he is doing now.
Grade: 7.5/10 - i have no basis for progression or idea where he could bloom to next, my apologies.
See Also: Scoob, Sol Zalez, Tru Mentills

rewards for your reading spoils:
Phace Official Website

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